2nd Grade

In second grade at Pineview Elementary, our emphasis is student growth. We believe that each child is a special and unique individual who is capable of their own level of physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth. Our ultimate goal is to promote and further the development of lifelong learners.

Our reading program at Pineview is built on a solid foundation of research, with systematic instruction and a variety of resources to ensure success for all. Pineview teachers use the Daily 5 to help students become more independent with their reading skills. In addition to working with their teachers in small groups or one-on-one, the students also read to self, read with a friend, listen to reading, work on writing, and word work. This program:

delivers research-based reading/language arts instruction with proven results
features outstanding literature that motivates students and develops a life-long love of reading
utilizes a variety of texts for different instructional purposes, including rich trade book literature, appealing decodable texts, informational texts that integrate the content areas, and leveled books to accommodate the range of abilities in any classroom
Provides small-group guided reading instruction that targets the development of specific reading skills that are needed by each group.
provides purposeful reading instruction evidenced by systematic, explicit skill lessons along with many opportunities to read a variety of texts to develop fluency
establishes a clear instructional pathway for core instruction with adaptations to meet individual needs
takes students to the high levels of reading and writing proficiency necessary to meet the increasing societal and workplace demands of the 21st century
provides a comprehensive assessment system that establishes benchmarks and helps teachers monitor progress, customize instruction and prepare students for state and standardized tests
integrates technology to help teachers and students access, process, and create information as well as provide instruction and practice, extension opportunities, assessment and staff development.
Everyday Math Series guides us through our 2nd grade math skills. This curriculum, along with a variety of hands-on opportunities with math manipulatives and games, helps to prepare our students to use math in their daily lives.www.everydaymath.com
Rotations in 2nd Grade:

Students will be rotating to the classroom listed for the following subjects:

-Science: Mr. Bridgewater
-Social Studies: Ms. Kulow
-Writing Skills: Mr. Johnson
-Leader in Me & Health: Mrs. Sheahan

This opportunity will give second graders a chance to dive into the curriculum and a chance for teachers to specialize in their content areas.