About Our School

Iowa Falls-Alden High School, Phone: 641-648-6440

Mission of IFAHS
To serve and empower.

Vision for IFAHS

Inspiring Integrity.

Students Who want to learn, invest their best efforts in academic, extra-curricular and community service activities, practice self-discipline, take initiatives and show creativity, feel valued, treat themselves & others with respect & dignity.


Who care, are committed to excellence, work as a team, strive to improve all programs, act as a role model, are consistent and fair, feel important, take pride in their work.


That are innovative, address the needs of students, invite students to learn, recognize and celebrate achievement, create pride in the school, have the support necessary for success.

IFAHS Values

High Expectations - Everyone can achieve excellence
Sensitivity - Everyone is important
Positive Attitude - We are sincere, friendly, and enthusiastic
Team Work - Achievement is attained through involvement and cooperation
Innovation - We are seeking new ways
Quality Service - Doing things right means attention to detail

Cadet Character

C Courteous Shows respect for authority, others, self and life in general.
A Accepting Is tolerant of others who have different views or backgrounds.
D Dependable Performs tasks and fulfills commitments responsibly, conscientiously and thoroughly.
E Ethical Makes morally right and proper decisions, rejects immoral conduct.
T Trustworthy Earns the confidence of others through honest words and deeds.
S Service Volunteers talents and gifts for the common good... proudly serves as a model citizen for our school, community, state, and country.

IFAHS Steps To Success

Be Here and Be on Time - Great attendance is expected. Be in seat at the bell ready to go.
Be Prepared - Bring all materials to class. Have all assignments completed.
Be Courteous and Respectful - Be polite. Treat others' feelings and property with care.
Be Teachable - Participate, listen, ask questions, follow directions, cooperate, get involved.