3rd Grade

3rd Grade

3rd Grade

3rd Grade

The Third Grade Teachers

Mr. Sheahan

Mr. Elman

Mrs. Hartford

Mrs. Weidemann

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3rd Grade

Third grade students participate in all general education subjects, and have flexible grouping in both math and guided reading.

Third grade at Rock Run Elementary has integrated a unique "Star Sneetch of the Week" program into their curriculum. The emphasis is on enhancing the child's self concept.

Pineview lays the foundation on how to be a leader, and we try to build on that by giving students opportunities to find their voice. Students are given multiple opportunities to classroom, building, and community to be leaders.

Other special events in third grade include a trip to Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines and guest speakers from our community.

School Day

3rd Grade

? 8:00 - Playground Supervised

? 8:15 - Entrance bell

? 8:30 - Specials

? 9:20 - Reading Block

? 10:05 - Morning recess

? 10:20 - Math Block

? 11:25 - Lunch/Recess

? 12:15 - Teacher Read Aloud/Star Sneetch Visit

? 12:30 - Writing/Spelling

? 1:15 - Small Group Reading

? 2:15 - Afternoon Recess

? 2:30 - Social Studies/Science

? 3:20 pm - Dismissal (Wednesdays - 2:20 pm - Dismissal)

Third Grade Courses of Study

3rd Grade

Word Works


Sentence Writing

Addition and Subtraction Computation

Parts of Speech

Place Value and Time

Punctuation and Capitalization

Multiplication and Division Concepts

Sentence Structure




Penmanship - Learning cursive writing


Problem Solving


Data and Graphics

TIme For Kids


Social Studies

3rd Grade




Science and Health

3rd Grade

Physical Science

3rd Grade


Earth Science

3rd Grade


Weather and the Water Cycle

Life Science

3rd Grade

Animals Habitats and Plants

Health Science

3rd Grade

Dental health

Traffic Safety

Web sites for Kids and Parents:

3rd Grade


IXL Math

Math practice and activities

Interactive math games

Add Everyday Math Link: dahttp://em-ccss.everydaymathonline.com/g_login.html

Help for all subjects

Language Arts/Reading

Language Arts games and more

Lexile Framework