5th Grade

5th Grade

5th Grade
The Fifth Grade Teachers
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5th Grade
5th Grade At fifth grade, students are becoming more responsible. The balance of rotating classes, completing and returning homework, and the opportunity to participate in Extracurricular Activities is new to them. The skills practiced in earlier grades can now be put to use and enhanced. In 5th grade we focus on being leaders and using the 7 habits daily.

School Day

5th Grade
5th Grade 8:00 am-Playground Supervised
5th Grade 8:15 am-Entrance bell
5th Grade 8:30 am-Classes begin
5th Grade 12:25 - 12:50 pm - Lunch
5th Grade 12:50 - 1:10 pm - Noon Recess
5th Grade 2:45 - 3:00 pm - Afternoon Recess
5th Grade 3:20 pm - Dismissal (Wednesday at 2:20 pm)

Special Area Classes

5th Grade
5th Grade Band - Tuesday and Thursday P.M
5th Grade Art
5th Grade Computer/Library
5th Grade Music
5th Grade Physical Education
5th Grade DARE
5th Grade Guidance

Leadership Notebooks: Students use these to track academic and personal progress throughout the year. They are also used as a way to communicate with parents on a daily basis.

Agendas: Each student needs to buy an agenda for $4.00, payable to their classroom teacher. Mr. Swartzendruber has requested that agendas be signed daily by both teachers and parents. This assures communication between home and school. Our plan is to have the child call you each time the agenda comes back without a signature.

Homework Policy: Each class period your child will copy that day's lesson and assignment into their agenda. A line through the assignment in the agenda indicates that the assignment has been completed during that school day, and is ready to hand in. If the assignment doesn't have a line through it that assignment must be completed at home. Your signature in the agenda indicates that you know the assignments have been completed. If the assignment is not turned in the next day, your child will be expected to attend an extra study hall.

Ways you can help your fifth grader do well in school

5th Grade
5th Grade Encourage your child and praise his/her efforts in school.
5th Grade Discuss with your child what he/she learns each day.
5th Grade Practice spelling words and math facts with your child.
5th Grade Ask your child's opinion. Provide opportunities for discussion.
5th Grade Provide a quiet place for your child to study.
5th Grade Take trips to the library.
5th Grade Watch and discuss television shows about nature, foreign lands, or history.
5th Grade Visit museums, historical sites, markets, and local businesses. Talk about what you see.
5th Grade Make sure your child gets enough sleep. (Children work best when they receive 9 hours of sleep on a consistent schedule going to bed and getting up at the same time.)
5th Grade Provide your child with a nourishing breakfast. (School does have a breakfast program if needed)
5th Grade Make sure your child has school supplies, and replenish them when needed.
5th Grade Have your child dress appropriately for the season. (Long or short sleeves, jackets, winter coats, snow pants, boots, mittens, etc.)
5th Grade Help your child to understand the viewpoints and interests of others.
5th Grade Make all kinds of reading materials available.
5th Grade Be supportive of your child's interest in being part of a group. Group experiences can help your child learn the important life skills of sharing ideas, working out conflicts, and taking leadership positions.

(Adapted from Scott Foresman - Home School Connection)

Fifth Grade Courses of Study
Six Traits + 1 of Writing

5th Grade
Iowa Core Math:
5th Grade Operations and Algebraic Thinking
5th Grade Number and Operations in Base Ten
5th Grade Number and Operations - Fractions
5th Grade Measurement and Data
5th Grade Geometry

5th Grade
Special Projects:
5th Grade Trip to the Capitol and Iowa Supreme Court
5th Grade Volksmarch - local history unit

5th Grade
Science Studies Units:
5th Grade Scientific Method
5th Grade Resources
5th Grade Innovation
5th Grade Change
5th Grade Systems
5th Grade Conflict

5th Grade
Iowa Core Reading:
5th Grade Key Ideas and Details
5th Grade Craft and Structure
5th Grade Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
5th Grade Range of Reading and Complex Text

Web sites for Kids and Parents
5th Grade
Math Sites
5th Grade Math Practice
5th Grade Math
5th Grade Math practice and activities
5th Grade Interactive math games
5th Grade Great site for kids A+ Math
5th Grade Ask Dr. Math
5th Grade On line math help
5th Grade Interactive tangrams
5th Grade Math Measurement and Calculation Tools
5th Grade Help for all subjects
Language Arts games and more
5th Grade Merriam Webster Word Game of the Day
5th Grade Vocabulary activities
5th Grade Vocabulary builders
5th Grade English help
5th Grade Interactive Language Arts and Journalism
5th Grade Lexile Framework