Students will have the opportunity to creatively solve unique art problems based on specific art themes and concepts, as well as being introduced to new art vocabulary and art history. Students will be responsible for understanding the knowledge presented with each new project, as well as completing artwork using different types of mediums. Projects range from drawing, painting, clay sculpture, building with found objects, and illustrating.
Students will cover the time span from the Stone Age to Modern Art, as well as learn about art found in Iowa and in other cultures.

Art is a time to create new and interesting things using imagination and perseverance as keys to creating interesting art. Looking at art is like looking at the world with new eyes. It teaches us that things aren't always as they seem, and allows everyone to explore and express their unique perspective while creating a new way of understanding and communicating.

In third grade art, students are introduced to important time periods in art, and new art vocabulary and art careers. In fourth grade art, students learn about specific artists and art terms, portraits, and building with found objects. In fifth grade art, students focus on being an artist and qualities of an artist. Qualities that will be emphasized are communication skills, creating details and looking at perspectives, as well as different artistic styles.