Rock Run students currently attend music class twice a week. Mr. Moehlman is the music teacher and teaches 3rd, 4th and 5th grade at Rock Run, and K-2 at Pineview school. Winter concerts are held in December and the kids love learning neat songs to "show-off" a little bit for their families and friends.

Music classes experience a wide variety of activities throughout the year. They sing, play instruments and move to music. Reading music notation and learning music terminology is expanded on from their experiences at Pineview. 5th graders do a guitar unit in late April until the end of the school year. 4th graders play recorders in February and March and perform for parents in April. 3rd graders learn about music from around the world and use music software to learn the line and space notes.
We currently use the "Making Music" series which has great songs, games and activities to encourage participation and teach the basics of music.

Here are the music standards for the Iowa Falls School District:
Standard 1: Performs on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.
Standard 2: Sings, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.
Standard 3: Reads and writes music.
Standard 4: Knows and applies appropriate criteria to music and musical performances.
Standard 5: Understands the relationships between music, the other arts, history, and culture.
Standard 6: Listens to, analyzes and describes music.

Ways you can help your child in music:

Sing with your kid at home!! (You don't have to be a perfect singer!!)
Take them to middle and high school concerts
Ask them what they are doing right now in music class
Discuss music and music styles
Make an instrument together
Go to a concert that is different from anything you've been to-- Have you ever been to a Broadway style musical in Des Moines? A South American percussion ensemble in Cedar Falls?
These opportunities and many more influence and shape who your child is and besides, they are FUN!!

Here are some great music websites for kids: