Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education (PE)

In elementary PE one of my goals for the students is for them to learn strategy. I teach a lot of games that involve strategy and I want them to be able to come up with their own plan or strategy to succeed. Another goal of mine is to teach the students the basics of base running. Base running goes with so many sports and games beyond school. If I can teach them that then they will be able to leave my gym prepared for more than one sport or activity.

Teaching safety is always a goal of mine. Sometimes students don't understand the difference between recess or at home play and P.E. time. When the students know the dangers of each sport and how to avoid those dangers than things run a lot more smoothly in class. The students are taught safety first with any game or activity that we participate in.

One last goal of mine is for all the students to be able to complete the basic loco motor movements by the time they leave Rock Run. The basic loco motor movements are things like skipping, galloping, running and hopping. A lot of loco motor movements could involve a lot of coordination. Coordination, for a lot of students, comes with time so continually working with them on it, I feel by the time they get to 5th grade they will have most of them mastered!

One major skill I would like all of my elementary students to work on is eye-hand coordination. With almost any sport involving a ball, eye-hand coordination is a must. Through out the year we will be working on a lot of skills but the one I look to develop the most is the eye-hand coordination. Another skill that goes along with eye-hand coordination is eye-foot coordination. This skill would be a must in sports involving any kicking such as football, soccer, kickboxing or karate. With eye-hand coordination and eye-foot coordination students would be able to excel in many activities and improve their all around coordination.

Over the course of the year I hope the students learn that P.E. isn't just about playing games but also that as human beings we need to take care of our bodies. We need to eat healthy and stay active as much as possible. Health is a very important part of my job and I want students to go home and use what they have learned about healthy foods and healthy activities that they can do at home. Kids need at least 60 minutes a day of exercise. So please encourage your kids to be active and eat healthy as much as possible!

Units of Study for 3rd to 5th grade
Physical Education (PE)
Soccer Bean Bag Golf Station Work
Relays Rhythms Frisbee
Volleyball Basketball Kickball
Track & Field Bowling Whiffleball
Track & Field Day Team Building Activities Four Square
Football Jump Roping Cup Stacking
Dodgeball Tagging