Health Services

Illness - Stay at Home
Please DO NOT send you child to school when:

Health Services
Health Services Your child has a fever of 100 degrees or above. Your child should be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.
Health Services Your child has a rash with excessive itching, accompanied by a fever and /or spreading. Please talk to your child's doctor before sending to school. If your child has a rash that is draining or has open areas and /or is accompanied by a fever, sore throat, irritability, vomiting, she/he should not attend school. If your child is diagnosed with chicken pox, the child should stay home seven days from the onset of pox or until the pox become dry and crusty.
Health Services Your child has any redness, itching, pain, and/or drainage from the eyes. Green or yellow drainage from the eyes is considered bacterial pink eye and therefore requires medication. Please keep your child at home for 24 hours after starting medication.
Health Services You find live lice in your child's hair. Please treat your child with lice shampoo and use a METAL tooth lice comb before sending them to school. If lice are found while they are at school, your child will not be sent home. The nurse will call to have you treat your child before returning to school.
Health Services Your child has been diagnosed with strep throat. Your child may return 24 hours after medication has been started and no fever is present.
Health Services Your child has experienced vomiting or diarrhea during the night or in the morning. A child should wait 24 hours and be able to retain food before returning to school.
Health Services Your child has a persistent cough with constant nasal drainage or fever may need to be evaluated by the child's physician. Minor cold symptoms are common and usually don't interfere with the child's performance and can be treated with OTC medication.

Illness - Sending Home From School
Your child will be sent home from school in the event that their fever is 100 degrees or higher, they have diarrhea or vomiting, drainage from the eyes that suggest pink eye, and/ or the school nurse has evaluated the child and determines the need for them to go home.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications Lunch applications are available at registration and are printed in the Cadet Gazette in August before school starts. Lunch applications are only good for one school year and will need to filled-out at the start of the new school year. If you feel you would qualify for free or reduced later in the year, you can call the school nurse to send you a lunch application. Contact the school nurse with any questions regarding the information needed on the lunch application.

Dental Screenings
In 2008, a new requirement for dental screening was signed into law for kindergarten and 9th graders.

Health Services
Health Services The required dental screening for kindergarten states that the screening must be completed no earlier than 3 years old but no later than six years of age.
Health Services The required dental screening for 9th grade states that the screening must be completed the year prior to starting 9th grade and no later than 4 months after school has started.

Dental forms will be given to families with a kindergartener at Kindergarten Round Up and throughout the year. Families of 9th graders will get one at Freshman Orientation, parent teacher conferences and by request from the school nurse.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
AED's are located in every school in the district. Signs are posted in the buildings where the AED is located. There are three portable AED's that were donated to the school to be used for sporting events. The coach for a particular sport can check out the AED from the school nurse or the athletic director prior to the event.

State CPR Requirement
The state CPR requirement will start with the 11th grade class for 2010-2011 school year. The process by which this will be achieved will be to bus the students from the high school to the Ellsworth GYM on April 6, 2011, leaving at 8:30 AM and returning to the high school at approximately 3:00 PM. This CPR certification course willsatisfy the graduation requirement that will go into effect for the graduating class of 2011-2012. Each student will receive a certification card upon completion of the course. Students that already have a CPR certification will need to provide proof of certification to be exempt from taking the course.

Healthy Kids Act and Wellness Policy
The Wellness Policy is comprised of 4 main areas: Nutrition Education, Physical Activity, Other School Based Activities, and Nutrition Guidelines. This policy can be viewed as a link on the homepage of the school website. The Healthy Kids Act was passed by legislation in 2008. This Act was created to:

Health Services
Health Services Help children develop healthy eating habits.
Health Services Promote active lifestyles
Health Services Provide students with a solid foundation for a better future.

If you would like to read more about the Healthy Kids Act, log onto

Health/Emergency Contact Updates

The Health/Emergency Contact Update forms are to be updated annually. These forms are available at registration and can be sent home with your child upon request. Please make every effort to keep the schools updated on any new health conditions or emergency contacts.

School Supplies
School supplies are available at each school for families that are unable to afford the cost of these supplies needed for their children. Contact the school secretary or school nurse if you are in need of getting supplies for your child prior to or after school starts.