The Kindergarten


Your child's education begins with their kindergarten year... A year that is filled with new and exciting experiences for children and their families

In Kindergarten...
"You get to learn stuff and have fun and be happy." "Everyday is something I love." "I wished I lived here."
~Alden Kindergarten Students
The Kindergarten Program
Kindergarten is an important part of the K-12 educational program. Alden Elementary School offers two sections of full-day classes for 5-year-olds.

Alden School's kindergarten program is developmental; lessons and activities are designed to meet the needs of students based on their individual stages of development. All areas of the curriculum offer students opportunities to construct understanding through systematic and varied instructional experiences. The kindergarten program integrates the teaching of language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and health through language-rich curriculum.

Kindergarteners experience a literature-based language arts curriculum that incorporates a variety of multi-sensory approaches to learning in the areas of reading, writing, and word study. In mathematics, the focus is on the development of concepts and skills through the use of manipulatives applied to a variety of real-world activities.
The identification of students' needs through daily observation and informal assessment serves as the basis for instruction. Teachers plan lessons for whole class, small group, and individuals based on this information.

Parental involvement in the learning process is highly valued. Parents and teachers work together as a team to maximize learning for all students. Ongoing communication regarding student progress is provided through a variety of methods, including notes, emails, phone calls, the Internet, and conferences. In addition, class work is sent home on a regular basis and report cards are issued four times per year.

Thank you for choosing Alden Kindergarten for your child. We look forward to many years of learning together.