1st Grade

We are busy bees in 1st grade. Our reading time is centered around the Daily 5 (Read to self, read to someone, word work, work on writing, and listen to reading). When students are not at a Daily 5 station, they are hard at work in a guided reading group. All our work during this time helps us grow as readers and writers.

Our daily writing time is focused on the Lucy Calkins writing series. We learn how to pick out just a small moment to write about. We also learn how to write lists, letters, and small books.

Science and social studies are alternated. In social studies we teach units about families, traditions and holidays, geography, and jobs. In science, we focus our studies on plants, being a scientist, nutrition, dental health, and taking care of the Earth.

Our math is mainly focused on learning addition and subtraction strategies. Our goal is to get the students to be able to add and subtract quickly. A lot of our practice is done with manipulatives. Towards the end of the year, we will move to practicing without manipulatives. We also study counting coins, place value, writing numbers to 120, patterns, and problem solving.