3rd Grade

Our self-contained third grade is a year of growth and change. Gone are the workbooks. We now have textbooks from which to study, assignments from those books, and homework. Specials classes of library, technology, art, P.E., music, and guidance continue our growth as learners. Third graders are also eligible for the first time to become active members of the Elementary Student Council.

The Alden Active Parents organization provides at least one field trip each year to a performing arts event. Students also participate in the Emphasis Week in which much learning and many activities center around another country or culture. Other special activities may vary from year to year. They may include: a theatre presentation on Grandfriends' Day, special speakers to the room, and other speakers at the Wednesday morning Sunrise gathering.

Learning in third grade includes:

Language Arts Social Studies
Sentence types and structure Map Skills
Parts of speech Continents and Oceans
Cursive writing Communities
Leveled spelling Citizenship
6+1 Traits writing
Reading and literature groups
Math Science and Health
Place Value Magnets
Addition and Subtraction of greater numbers Weather and the Water Cycle
Time and money Life Cycles of Plants and Animals
Geometry Matter
Measurement Scientific Method
Multiplication and Division of one-digit numbers Science in the World
Fractions Personal Health: nutrition peer pressure
Probability, Data, Graphs Problem Solving Skeletal and Muscular Systems