Special Programs

Special Programs
Special Programs Special Programs

6th grade Art

Art is one of the exploratory classes. As part of the pentabular schedule, the students meet daily for about 7 weeks. They work with a variety of tools and materials as they explore a variety of subjects and styles of art. Some of these include ceramics (piggy banks), Op Art and illusions (3-D paintings), landscapes and pointillism, portraiture and the Mona Lisa, and grid enlargement (cartoons). The class is taught by Mrs. Michelle Evans.

K-5 Art
Mrs. Evans also teaches kindergarten through 5th grade Art. Students in these grades meet twice weekly and explore a variety of projects and materials as they learn about the Elements of Design, improve their eye-hand coordination and fine-motor skills, be creative, and learn to "see with their mind's eye".

Life Skills
All 6th graders also have the opportunity to take Life Skills class. As the name implies, students are introduced to and learn about skills they will need to become independent adults. The course is divided into three sections; the first deals with goal-setting, self-awareness, personal hygiene, job interviewing, and getting along with others. Next is the sewing unit: students sew pillows on the machines and also learn hand-sewing techniques. The third is the food and nutrition unit. Students learn about healthy eating, portion sizes and wellness, then learn about measuring and kitchen tools as they complete two food labs, which are usually preparing trail mix and baking cookies. Mrs. Evans is their teacher.

Industrial Technology
Industrial Technology at the 6th grade level focuses on exploring the clusters of industrial technology including Manufacturing, Construction Energy and Power, Transportation, and Communication. Each student focuses on solving problems in those cluster areas through a variety hands on activities.