Counseling Staff
Certified school counselors provide counseling services at every grade level. Kristy Reynolds provides guidance services for students at Alden Elementary School in grades preschool through six. Mrs. Denelle McWherter provides guidance services for students in grades seven and eight at Riverbend Middle School. Ms. Michelle Kriegel provides guidance services for students in grades nine through twelve at Iowa Falls-Alden High School. The counseling staff leads the district's efforts in pursuing the Mission of the Guidance Program, instilling the Qualities of a Successful Guidance Program, implementing the guidance curriculum, and delivering the school counseling program. Mrs. Ginger Clawson provides all guidance services at Pineview and Rock Run for grades PK-5.

Mission of the Guidance Program
The mission of the IFA school counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and persona;/social development of all students. All students will acquire skills. Knowledge, and attitudes needed to be responsible citizens, productive workers, and life-long learners in a global society.

Qualities of a Successful Guidance Program
A successful school counseling program:

Counseling Reaches every student
Counseling Is comprehensive in scope
Counseling Is proactive in design
Counseling Is developmental in nature
Counseling Is an integral part of a total educational program for student success
Counseling Selects measurable student competencies based on local need in academic, career and personal/social domains
Counseling Has a delivery system that includes school guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services and system support
Counseling Is implemented by a certified counselor
Counseling Is conducted in collaboration with all stakeholders
Counseling Uses data to drive program decisions
Counseling Monitors student progress
Counseling Measures both process and outcome-results, and analyzes critical data elements
Counseling Seeks improvement each year based on results data
Counseling Shares successes with stakeholders

Guidance Curriculum
The standards and benchmarks for the guidance curriculum are located in the "Curriculum" section of this website. Pre-8 utilizes the Second Step curriculum, as well as other curriculum resources.

Guidance Program Delivery

Delivery of the guidance program is accomplished through four strategies:

A Guidance Curriculum that includes lessons in the classrooms and intentional guidance groups.
B Individual Student Planning that includes academic advisement for individuals and groups.
C Responsive Services that includes personal counseling, conflict resolution, and crisis management.
D School System Support that includes planning and evaluation, consultation, collaboration, and professional development.