Preschool Program Information
Preschool Program Information Pineview Elementary School is proud to have an Inclusive Pre-School program at our school. The Inclusive Pre-School was developed based on the inclusion approach where both special needs and general education students attend the same classroom for instruction and learn along with their same age peers. Mrs. Holly Barnhart and Mrs. Jennifer Schreck are the preschool teachers at Pineview Elementary.

The Inclusive Pre-School is designed for students who range in age from 3 to 5 years of age. The classroom instruction is varied and adapted to meet each individual student's developmental level. This approach helps to ensure that each student is appropriately challenged and experiences success on a variety of levels.

In the Inclusive Pre-School program, students will experience a variety of instructional techniques and approaches that enhance our curriculum. Student learning will focus on pre-writing skills, science, math, reading, social/behavioral skills, and the creative curriculum. The teachers understand that each student is learning at a different rate and therefore modifications are made to meet each child at his/her ability level. In the classroom, Character Counts is utilized on a daily basis when working on social and behavior skills. The Inclusive Pre-School focuses on helping children to learn important pre-academic and social skills that will help them to be successful in kindergarten.

Our Inclusive Pre-School programs will work to provide opportunities for the students to interact with one another and practice those social skills that are so important. This opportunity will provide all students the chance to become role models. The main objective of the Inclusive Pre-School program is to open the door of learning and promote independence and positive self-esteem.

Pineview Elementary is very pleased to have received the Iowa Statewide Voluntary 4 Year Old Preschool Grant. Because of this grant all students in the 4-year-old program do not have to pay a monthly tuition fee to attend preschool.
Pineview also now offers a regular education four-year old class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This classroom is taught by Mrs. Kaley Little and works on all of the same skills as our Inclusive preschool class.

Pineview is also pleased to have Christian Educare Preschool be a community preschool partner with us. All preschool classes at Pineview and at Christian Educare use the Creative Curriculum.