Special Programs

Special Programs
Special Programs Vocal Music
The Iowa Falls elementary music program, under the direction of Mr. Mike Moehlman, serves students in grades K-2. Students receive music instruction two times a week for 25 minutes each time, along with a 30-minute special literacy based lesson one time each month that ties the music curriculum together with a literature selection, with the goal of improving literacy instruction for all students.

We are using an awesome music series called "Making Music". It is packed with great songs from many different styles and cultures. It is completely based on the National Standards for Music Education. Students also have the opportunity to work with many different instruments and other music related items that help them to learn important concepts and themes in music.

Physical Education
Under the direction of Mrs. Kayleigh Weig Pineview Elementary offers physical education to its students in grades K-2 twice a week for 25 minutes, along with a 30 minute special literacy based lesson one time each month that ties the physical education curriculum together with a literature selection, with the goal of improving literacy instruction for all students. Students are given the opportunity to learn sportsmanship, collaborative thinking skills, healthy life styles, and be introduced to many new and fun activities that they can play together with their friends.

Special Programs
Special Programs Technology/Media Center

In the lower elementary students have library twice a week for 25 minutes. Students will explore different literary genres and story elements throughout the year. We feel that the more the children are exposed to literature, the more likely it will be that they will develop a love for reading and learning. Students also have time to select their own books to check out. We teach the students how to select books if they are reading them on their own or with a friend.

Students also have computer class twice a week for 25 minutes. During this time Miss Lisa Heiden shows the students how to do basic computer operations. Students also work with various software programs that help students become familiar with the computers and help them develop some of the fine motor skills needed to control the computer hardware.
Reading Recovery
Reading Recovery is an early intervention program designed to assist struggling readers and writers in first grade. Children at Pineview who have been identified meet individually with a specially trained teacher for 30 minutes each day for an average of 12-20 weeks. The goal is for the child to develop effective reading and writing strategies. During this relatively short-term intervention, these children make faster than average progress so that they can catch up with their peers and continue to work on their own within an average group setting in the regular classroom.

Title I Program
The Title I program at Pineview is a federally funded program designed to improve educational opportunities for eligible students who meet the criteria for supplemental instruction. Our program is designed to provide reinforcement of reading skills and strategies already being served in the regular classroom. The goals of this program are to:
Special Programs
Special Programs develop reading achievement
Special Programs support the classroom instructional reading programs
Special Programs develop positive attitudes toward reading
Special Programs help transfer reading skills/strategies to other content areas
Special Programs develop functional, literate readers
Special Programs develop independent study skills and work habits

Special Needs Programs
An important part of our programming at Pineview Elementary is our special needs programs for students in grades pre-school through second. Students ages birth through three are served through AEA 267 Home Intervention Services. These services can include support services from AEA 267 such as Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), and Speech and Language Pathology (SLP).

An Inclusive Pre-school at Pineview serves pre-schoolers on Monday through Friday. This pre-school has identified special education students as well as general education students Monday through Friday.
A K-2 Pineview student can receive an array of services from one of our special education teachers, Mrs. Linn, Mrs. Held, and Mrs. Becker along with AEA 267 support. There is a special education classroom that can provide a wide spectrum of services depending on the team decision and on what would be least restrictive, while continuing to allow a child to progress toward their identified goals, both academically as well as behaviorally.

The resource rooms at Pineview are busy places. The staff works with students in kindergarten through second grade. At this time Mrs. Linn, Mrs. Held, and Mrs. Becker can be found working in the resource room. The students we serve have been identified and qualify for special education services. A wide range of services can be provided to students depending on their needs and the best place for them to learn. Students can receive instruction in the classroom with the classroom teacher and the resource teacher working together. Instruction can take place in the classroom with support, which can include additional practice and/or instruction in the resource room. Instruction in academic areas can take place in the resource room setting. Services can be for academic areas such as reading, math, written language, science and social studies as well as behavior issues.

Mrs. Amira Kass is the preschool – 2nd grade art teacher here at Pineview Elementary. Art class is offered to students once a week in a forty-minute block. In Mrs. Kass’ class students explore new mediums art through the many projects they create throughout the year. Along with their hands-on art projects students learn correct art terminology, vocabulary, and even art history. Art class teaches Pineview’s students how to use their fine motor skills, broaden their imaginations, and create something that they are proud of. Mrs. Kass and Mrs. Lisa Bartlett co-teach a lesson every year surrounding International Dot Day. This lesson deals with literacy, art, and teaches students how to believe in themselves. Art is extremely important to everyone here at Pineview Elementary as it serves as a creative outlet for our imaginative students.