Kindergarten Prep

Pineview is very excited about offering to our community the option of a Kindergarten Prep program that is designed to meet the developmental needs of five-year-olds. Children enter their school career with differing experiences and levels of maturity.

Kindergarten Prep does not replace the traditional Kindergarten program offered by the Iowa Falls Community School district, but allows children time to mature and grow in a nurturing, stimulating learning
environment. The aim of Kindergarten Prep is to assist young children in beginning their school career in a confident, successful manner. The curriculum, learning environment, materials and teaching methods utilized in Kindergarten Prep are designed to facilitate the following program goals:

The child will develop a positive self-concept by experiencing success on a daily basis.
The child will develop concepts about the world around him through concrete, hands-on learning experiences that are meaningful to the child.
The child will develop self-help skills to manage clothing, materials and supplies, and toileting.
The child will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills through active manipulation of materials.
The child will develop many potential interests and abilities by being exposed to a variety of theme-based experience units.
The child will improve his/her ability to communicate both in oral and written form through meaningful practice in a language-rich environment. We will be building a strong base of pre-literacy skills that will help children be confident readers.
The child will improve his/her ability to interact with others through daily practice and refinement of essential social skills.
The child will improve his/her motor skills (both small and large motor skills) through active manipulation of materials and play experiences.
The child will develop an appreciation for literature, music, and art through exposure to these arts in the context of the theme-based unit.